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Welcome to "Amelia Packages", everyone’s favourite online store for fidget packs and fidget pick’n’mixes created by me - Amelia!

Fidgets are a great way to help with worries and anxieties, for both children and adults. They are also very good for people with autism, ADHD and sensory needs.

I’ve got a great selection of packages and options available. 

Browse through my store today!

Amelia (age 10) x

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Who We Are

"Amelia Packages" is a new website offering fidget packages.

Owned by Amelia - age 10.

My parents help me with stock, the website and posting items.

Please use the contact button below for sales enquiries and support which are managed with my parents help.

**  The colours and designs of items are chosen randomly, but if you would like your colours/designs to be more geared towards a girl or a boy, please message us and we will do our best to accommodate you.  **


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